What are the best Reddit writing prompts?

Many writers seek inspiration while writing. Reddit writing prompts are an excellent place to get these inspirations. Writers may get ideas in plenty, especially those who are natural writers. Reddit prompt can be anything that is inspiring you to write. Reddit platform has a variety of things that you will not miss whatever you are looking for in 2020-2021.

In this article, we are going to discuss Reddit prompts vividly.

Benefits of Reddit prompts

Reddit has formed a community of many writers. The prompts help you interact with other writers and connect with them.

New prompts are formed every day hence never-ending resources for the writers who need it.

  1. Writers can offer feedback and also learn from each other.
  2. How to use Reddit Writing Prompts
  3. Using the Reddit writing prompts increases your writing skills.
  4. You can write a whole book or novel when using these writing prompts.
  5. Reddit writing prompts add excitement to projects that are existing.

Why do we read Reddit writing prompts?

There are many reasons why we read Reddit writing prompts. They include:

  • Drawing inspiration. Inspirations may come to you very fast, or you may not have it altogether. These prompts will help in bringing inspiration to you daily.
  • Boosts self-confidence. Reddit prompts will inspire you to continue writing. If you write many times, you will develop confidence in yourself. You can also produce your prompts and add them to the forum for interaction and feedback. People will react to them and even share this will bring a lot of confidence to you.
  • Builds your passion. This Reddit writing prompts will spark your passion by giving you so many resources. Everything you love, you will get it.
  • You will form positive behavior.. After getting so much passion and ideas, you will have a motivation to write. It will be frequent for you. You will keep on writing since you have formed the right writing habits.

Types of Reddit writing prompts

1. Established universe
These are types of prompts that suggest writing a topic in the universe that already exists. It can be a famous world or a small world. However, it is mostly from a well-known and popular world that spans many books.

2. Image Prompt
A specific picture can inspire a person and make them post it. However, it does not include a full writing prompt but a short description and link of the photo. You have required anything that will come in mind when you see the prompt.

3. Challenge
This type of prompt involves a person challenging a writer to do a particular thing. After writing, they need to post the written piece in the comments section to enable the challenger to see what people come up with.

4. Critique
These are prompts that will enable writers to support each other. A writer will post what they have written and wait to receive the feedback.

5. Simple Prompt
These types of prompts only have one sentence. They will give you a small and vague idea.

The best Reddit writing prompts

These are the prompts that will help you in writing your piece very well. Prompts are formed every day and posted on Reddit. The following are some of the best Reddit prompts of this year.

1. Fantasy

  • Humans have discovered geometrical objects moving around the dying sun. Astronauts are elated. That is until seeing each object has a human corpse.
  • Every hospital has a specialist doctor. Their work is when a patient is brought in the hospital in very severe conditions. They are supposed to fight off the physical form of death and buy time to enable surgeons to save the patient’s life.
  • You are a wizard acting like a video editor. You play off some spells as just another camera trick.
  • Your character has managed to travel to space as they want. They aren’t aware of the earth but becomes comes along it in their travels and decide to explore it.
  • You are finalizing preparing your time machines and, finally, believe that you have cracked the code. You put it into testing. It works, but there is only one issue that forces you to send the world back in time, not just you.
  • Your father dies mysteriously, and you inherit his colossal mansion. When assessing it, you find the basement was converted into a sort of jailhouse. Inside, it is substantial supernatural creatures ad one weak, older adult begging you to let him out.
  • Robots have enslaved humanity. There are a small number of survivors that are in hiding from the wreckage of their old city. They use riddles as a tool of communication so that the robots are not able to understand.
  • One morning, you wake up to shocking news that the world is being attacked. They call themselves humans, and their home planet is no longer habitable and wants yours.

2. Drama/comedy

  • You have a protagonist that is deaf but can read the minds. No one has an idea that they can do this. One day they meet other deaf people and find out they can also read the thoughts when they start communicating telepathically.
  • You are about to enter an interview for your dream job at a company you have been looking forward to ten years. On your way to the CEO’s office, one employee catches your eye, and with a terrifying dead look, they mouth run.
  • You are a highly trained assassin working for a private, criminal organization. One day, you spend hours tracking to your latest spot overlooking villagers. You look through your scoop and point at the target. They turn around to face you and find out it is your high school lover, the one you failed to get over.
  • You die very young but finds out the afterlife is more fun than you ever imagined. Nevertheless, you have just been there for a few hours, and your soul is mercilessly sucked back to the earth. It seems there is a person from your life that cannot move on from your death. You will not be able to rest until they let you go.
  • You are a very experienced, seasoned Psychologist. You work for the government on a routine. One day, they call you, stating they need you to do some new asset tests. After your arrival, you find that there is a new AI-ready for your assessment.

3. Thriller/mystery

  • All the people are jumping on the 23and me bandwagon and having their DNA carried out. Your results come in the mail. Instead of the regular package, you receive simple note: please contact us immediately, we found something we have never seen before, and it is urgent.
  • You have a spawn of the devil character. They are set to take over and rule the world, but they want no part of it. They have some goodness in their heart. They manage to save one soul, and all hell breaks loose literally.
  • You miss the evacuation of the earth. You are all alone on the planet earth- or are you?
  • A strange virus starts rapidly, killing people with no explanation known or a known cure. It does not take long for people to realize the virus is only killing the jerks and horrible people. Everyone suddenly become unsure if they even want to bother finding a cure.
  • Your phone is ringing and recognizes the caller ID as the landline of your childhood home and the name on the screen is yours.

4. Horror

  • You see the shadows everywhere. Most of the time, they are attached to a person. Sometimes they are not. You come to realize that the detached shadows belong to an individual who is about to be killed
  • Everyone has implants that stores memories. Someone close to you dies, and you find some horrifying secrets in their memories.
  • You have a unique ability to see through the water, including any murk or dirt within it. You find great peace and pleasure in discovering lakes, rivers, and ponds.
  • One day, you are finally able to use it on the ocean. What you see in the depth of the deepest waters terrifies you to the core.
  • You are a well-renowned magician—the best in the game. Not even scientists can figure out your tricks. What nobody knows is that you have a ghost friend helping you. However, his help is starting to get more destructive.
  • Humanity was always concerned with robots waging on us. We never considered robots waging war on each other.

Reddit dialogue prompts

  1. “And with this last step, it is complete!”
  2. “Will we ever reach you? We speak the language of stones. You live too fast, you die too fast.”
  3. “We know who you really are. If you do not help us, the world is ending by tomorrow.”


Reddit writing prompts are being created every day by all the writers. They have helped people compose their essays easily. In this article, we have discussed fully some of the best prompts of this year. I hope they will be of great importance to you.

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